Interesting facts about our Essento Burger

It's so yummy

Let yourself be surprised by a umani taste experience with a juicy bite and be carried away by the diverse world of edible insects!

With a lot of passion and energy, we have improved our existing recipe over the last few months so that you will enjoy our insect burgers even more in the future. Together with vegetables, our mealworms become a sustainable, healthy and delicious source of animal protein.

High in Protein

Our mealworms are rich in high-quality animal proteins, fiber and unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 3 & 6!

Mealworms are naturally rich in animal proteins and also contain a particularly high amount of essential amino acids that your body needs and can use better than plant proteins . In contrast to conventional meat products and plant-based substitutes, the insect burger comes to your plate as a delicious, healthy and sustainable source of protein without any chemicals or high-tech manufacturing processes!

Planet Based

Not to be confused with plant based 😉

The reasons why insects are far more sustainable than plant-based substitutes are, on the one hand, their circular economy and, on the other hand, their much lower water and energy consumption. Mealworms eat organic waste and convert it into high-quality animal proteins, unsaturated fats and chitin as they grow. The residual materials from breeding are in turn used as high-quality fertilizer for soil improvement. This is reflected above all in the carbon footprint.

Developed in Switzerland, produced with love in the EU

At our headquarters in Zurich, we develop all of our products in our in-house factory. We recently outsourced the production of burgers and balls to a partner in the EU because the quantities ordered exceeded our capacity. When choosing our ingredients, we continue to place great value on high quality and regionality and carry out ongoing on-site checks at our producers.

Interesting facts about insects

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