About Us

Essento – the insect pioneer in Europe

Essento is the European pioneer for insect food. Essento has been active on the European market since 2013 and was a pioneer in Switzerland in initiating the change in the law that led to the approval of edible insects as food.

Essento develops, produces and markets specialties made from edible insects for retail, gastronomy and online trade, and aims to create added value for people and the environment .

Essento carries out important educational work among the population and draws attention to the issue of eating insects. In this way, we want to drive the food revolution forward and make entomophagy socially acceptable in Europe.

Our team

Christian Bärtsch Founder and CEO of Essento Insect Food

Christian Bärtsch

Founder & CEO, QS/QM

As founder of Essento, Christian works on the strategic direction and plays a leading role in international projects.

Franzi Kuttruff Head of Operations Essento Insect Food

Franzi Kuttruff

Marketing, Operations, Finance

As an all-rounder, Franzi takes care of events, accounting, purchasing and logistics and ensures that internal processes run smoothly and that what is not running smoothly is made to run smoothly.

Benjamin Steiner Essento Insect Food

Benjamin Steiner

Animal Welfare, insect breeding expert

As a trained veterinarian, Benjamin ensures species-appropriate animal husbandry and impeccable breeding conditions at our partner farms.

Our Advisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Brunner, Lecturer in Consumer Behavior, HAFL
  • Michelle Grant, Managing Director World Food System Center, ETHZ
  • Patrick Zbinden, culinary expert
  • Dirk Zwanzig, Head of R&D in the food industry
  • Dr. Diego Moretti

Our partners

Since 2017, Essento has been an active member of IPIFF, the Brussels-based European association promoting edible insects.

IPIFF BalPro Swiss Insects
Swiss Food Research Competence network food industry Move The Date Switzerland

Excellent insects

In 2018, Essento was selected as one of the top 50 FoodTech start-ups in Europe and was awarded EIT Rising Food Star.

Internorga Future Prize Healthy Living Award Internorga Next Of Market Anuga Taste Innovation Show