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The Future of Food is Now! AM23 Centre for Nature and Climate Community Dinner


We hope that you enjoyed the Essento Snacks we provided for the CNC Dinner at Annual Meeting 2023. Following you find more about our story and the mission we are on. We would love if you became part of it.

Best regards,

Christian (Founder)

We are driven to leave this planet in a better state than our generation has found it. Thus, we have committed ourselves to the up-scaled upcycling of nutritious side streams and providing them for human consumption, inspired by the FAO’s report in 2013. We have been able to prove that it is indeed feasible and consumers are willing to embrace it. Now we are focusing on scaling our operations to more directly connect sidestreams with our food system.

Essento Team

Essento upcycles low value side streams from food production in a
scalable way and turns them into nutritious and tasty food products.

Essento in numbers

Years Pionieering the Space

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In Endingen (just outside of Zurich) Essento runs its own organic pilot mealworm farm, where we upcycle local side streams such as wheat bran (from flour production) and molasses (from sugar production).

How can you support our mission?

(1) Share our story and letting people know about the
nutritious advantages of Essento’s products.

(2) Connect with us on dissemination opportunities.

(3) We are currently raising our preA round and are
looking for partners joining us. Are you interested?

(4) Integrating our products into your diet:
Check out our online shops in Switzerland or the EU.