We do our best to always satisfy you as much as possible and to maintain an uncomplicated and personal relationship with you. Nevertheless, we do not want to withhold from presenting you the following terms and similar in the most beautiful legal jargon.

Terms and conditions

1. Scope (Click for more information)

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) apply to all contracts between Essento Food AG (hereinafter also “we” or “Essento”) and its customers (hereinafter also “you” or “customer”). All oral and telephone agreements must be confirmed in writing in order to be binding. The requirement of written form is also met if a declaration is contained in an e-mail.

We offer our products in the online shop exclusively to end users domiciled or domiciled in Switzerland; they are not intended for resale.

2. Conclusion of contract (Click for more information)

All persons who are not limited in their ability to do business at the time of conclusion of the contract with Essento are entitled to conclude a contract. Essento’s offers on the Internet represent a non-binding offer to the customer to order goods in the online shop. By ordering Essento goods on the Internet, the customer makes a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract. Essento is entitled to accept this offer within 10 working days by sending an order confirmation. The order confirmation and delivery of the invoice will be made by e-mail, but at the latest upon delivery of the goods. We are free to decide whether to accept an order. If we will not execute an order, we will inform the customer immediately. If a product is no longer available, we will also inform the customer immediately. In both cases, no contract is concluded. The order confirmation, which is automatically sent to the customer immediately after the order, as well as the receipt of a telephone order, do not yet constitute a legal acceptance on our part. The automatic e-mail notification is only considered as an acknowledgement of receipt. After the expiry of the 10-day period, the offer is deemed to have been rejected and a contract is not concluded.

3. Delivery (Click for more information)

All items will be delivered immediately after sending the order confirmation, if they are available from stock, subject to a successful identity and credit check. If you notice any damage to the package, please contact the postman immediately and contact us at hallo@essento.ch.

Unless otherwise stated in the online shop, the delivery time of stock items is 2 working days. The indication of the delivery time is non-binding, unless there is a written agreement to the contrary. If an item is not available at short notice, we will inform the customer as soon as possible by e-mail about the expected delivery time, if we have an address. We reserve the right to a partial delivery insofar as this serves an efficient handling of the total delivery. In this case, no additional shipping costs will be charged for subsequent delivery.

The delivery takes place at the delivery address specified in the order. We exclusively supply customers in Switzerland. Deliveries abroad are not possible. The customer is responsible for accepting the delivery. Should a delivery problem occur due to a non-timely receipt of the goods by the customer and the goods may become spoilable or insoluble as a result, we assume no liability for this. A rebate or a right to compensation is excluded in such a case. If the goods cannot be delivered successfully after two delivery attempts, they will be returned to us. Should the customer then request a new delivery, Essento reserves the right to charge CHF 20.00 for the additional expenses.

In the event of delays in delivery due to events not responsible for Essento, such as force majeure, traffic disruptions or restrictions due to official orders, no claim for damages can be asserted against Essento. If the delivery has been delayed or omitted due to the fault of Essento suppliers (impossibility), Essento is not responsible for this.

4. Prices (Click for more information)

All prices shown in the online shop are final prices, which include all taxes (in all VAT)and any other charges, fees or costs. Excluded from this are only shipping costs in the amount of CHF 9.00 (or in exceptional cases for small goods CHF 6.50), which are charged by Essento, provided that the order amount is less than CHF 80.00. In the event of an update of the information of the online shop (e.g. price, packaging size, quality of the goods, etc.), earlier information loses its validity. Errors and printing errors are reserved. The indicated price at the time of the submission of the customer’s offer is decisive for the invoicing.

5. Payment (Click for more information)

The customer can only use the payment options specified in the ordering process. By clicking on the button “Submit order” the order becomes binding for the user and must therefore be paid immediately. You can select different payment methods. If the payment cannot be made, we must be informed immediately by e-mail or call. Essento reserves the right to exclude customers from individual payment options without giving reasons or to insist that the customer must order in advance.

The outstanding amount of the receivables plus any dunning fees and interest may be assigned to a third party for the purpose of collection. Furthermore, the customer is obliged to reimburse all costs incurred by Essento or the third party entrusted with the collection as a result of the delay in payment.

6. Reservation of ownership (Click for more information)

We reserve the full ownership of the ordered goods until their full payment to us. Essento is entitled to make a corresponding entry in the retention of title register. If you are in breach of the contract, in particular if you do not meet your payment obligation despite a reminder from us, we may withdraw from the contract after a reasonable deadline and the return of the goods still in your possession to demand. In this case, we are entitled to use the goods after receiving the goods. If the customer is in default with any payment obligations towards us, all existing claims shall become due immediately. The corresponding security rights are transferable to third parties.

7. Warranty (Click for more information)

If the delivered goods are defective at the time of the transfer of risk or if there is a wrong delivery, we shall, if possible, ensure a replacement delivery. If the replacement delivery fails, you may request that the purchase be reversed.

The customer undertakes to inspect the goods upon receipt of any defects and, if they are found, to inform Essento immediately. Should the customer later determine that the goods are defective, he is obliged to inform Essento immediately after discovery of the goods. If the customer fails to notify a defect, the goods shall be deemed to have been approved.

Defects caused by improper or non-contractual treatment of the goods by the customer do not count as a defect in the goods.
If the subsequent performance has been carried out in the sense of the replacement delivery, the customer is obliged to return the first delivered goods to the online shop within 30 days. The deadline is met if you send the goods before the expiry of the 30-day period (postmark). If the deadline is not met, Essento reserves the right to claim damages.

8. Liability (Click for more information)

Our liability for our own fault is limited to intent and gross negligence, regardless of the legal basis. Liability for auxiliary persons, loss of profit, unrealised savings, claims for redress by third parties as well as for all indirect and indirect damages and consequential damages is excluded.

9. Data protection (Click for more information)

The collection and processing of your personal data by us is explained in the privacy policy. The privacy policy is available at essento.ch/en/privacy-policy.

10. Information about nutrition and health (Click for more information)

Although Essento communicates general information about health and nutrition on its website, social media and other information materials, it is not the same as medical advice and is not tailored to specific, personal needs. Designed. This information has no claim to completeness or accuracy and in no case does it replace medical or pharmaceutical advice from a professional.

No liability is assumed for damages of any kind arising directly or indirectly from the use or use of the information.

11. Place of jurisdiction (Click for more information)

The place of jurisdiction is, unless the law provides for another mandatory place of jurisdiction, the place of business of Essento. Swiss law shall be applied to all disputes which may arise from this legal relationship to the exclusion of conflict-of-law rules. The use of UN purchasing law is excluded.

12. Severability clause (Click for more information)

With an order, the customer acknowledges the general terms and conditions of the online shop. Should any provision of these General Terms and Conditions be void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision which is as close as possible to the repealed provision in its legal and economic content. Oral agreements require written confirmation in order to be effective.


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