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Locusta (grasshopper), dried

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The locusta (grasshopper) is a true delicacy, reminiscent of hay or chicken in taste. Whether deep-fried in batter as a crisp, or marinated as a grasshopper skewer, with locusta you give every dish a (culinary and visual) wow effect!

The nutritional profile of Locusta is also “wow”: in addition to high-quality protein, they also provide you with vitamin A, B and B12 and essential minerals!

Pack size 20 g

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Product description


You can snack on the insects straight from the pack, spice them up with a little spice, rehydrate them or roast them in a pan with a little oil.
Read more tips & tricks on our blog.

Did you know that...?

... our grasshoppers are bred with love in Vorarlberg and get fresh grass from our own farm every day? Carefully dried, they are then filled by hand in our manufactory.

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Dried Locusta migratoria (grasshopper)

Produced in Switzerland with food insects (EU), farmed under controlled conditions for human consumption.

Nutritional values
per 100 g:
Energy559 kcal
thereof saturated fatty acids
38.1 g
13.1 g
Carbohydrate1.1 g
Fibre8.4 g
Protein48.2 g
Salt0.43 g


Allergy information

Can contain traces of gluten. People with allergies to crustaceansand molluscsand/or dust mite can have an allergic reaction to the consumption of insects.

Further information

Store in dark, cool and dry location. Seal airtight after opening (bag can be resealed).

For reasons of health protection and hygiene, there is no right of withdrawal after opening the sealed packaging. Complete revocation instruction.