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Insects nature | Insect starter set with cookbook (in German)

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The set contains:

1x Tenebrio (mealworm) 50g
1x Acheta (cricket) 30g
1x Locusta (grasshopper) 20g
1x Cookbook “Grillen, Heuschrecken & Co.” (in German)

Product description

With this package you are well equipped for culinary experiments in your kitchen. Our insect cookbook provides you with many recipe ideas and background information.


You can snack the insects directly from the package, add some spices, rehydrate or roast them in a pan with a bit of oil. More tips and tricks are available in our Blog. Our best recipes are available here.

About the cookbook 

‚ÄěGrillen, Heuschrecken & Co.‚Ä̬†is¬†the¬†first insect cookbook in¬†Switzerland written by Essento.¬†Whether you are preparing a quick dinner, a gourmet menu or a dessert ‚Äď our cookbook offers a¬†selection of close to 50 recipes for every occasion. You find even 7 recipes, which were created by top chefs with overall three Michelin stars.¬†In addition, several experts have contributed with interesting essays about insects as food.¬†Discover the world of insects¬†with our book!¬†

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  • Tenebrio 50g: Dried Tenebrio molitor (mealworm)
  • Achtea 30g: Dried Acheta domesticus (cricket)
  • Locusta 20g: Dried Locusta migratoria (grasshopper)

The insects are sourced from the EU and are breed for human consumption under controlled conditions. For the selection of the insect farmers, we pay close attention to the standards of animal welfare, organic feed that does not compete with human food as well as the energy efficiency. The use of antibiotics, hormones or medicines is not tolerated in our breeding

Nutritional value
per 100 gTenebrioAchetaLocusta
Energy550 kcal465 kcal559 kcal
hereof: saturated fatty
37.2 g
9.0 g
20.9 g
7.85 g
38.1 g
13.1 g
Carbohydrates5.4 g5.5 g1.1 g
Fibre6.5 g4.4 g8.4 g
Protein45.1 g64.2 g48.2 g
Salt0.37 g0.3 g0.43 g


Allergy information

Insects can contain traces of gluten. People with allergies to crustaceans and molluscs and/or dust mite can have an allergic reaction to the consumption of insects. 

Further Informations


Remove the large hind legs (due to the barbs) and ground them to use them as a protein powder. The wings can be eaten or fried in oil to make tasty chips.  

Store your insects and insect products in dark, cool and dry location in their package or in a securely closed container. 

For reasons of health protection and hygiene, there is no right of withdrawal after opening the sealed packaging.