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Insect cookbook (in German)

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It’s the first insect cookbook in Switzerland and it’s written by us! Whether you are preparing a quick dinner, a gourmet menu or a dessert – our cookbook offers a selection of close to 50 recipes for every occasion. You find even 7 recipes, which were created by top chefs with overall three Michelin stars. In addition, several experts have contributed with interesting essays about insects as food. Discover the world of insects with our book!

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In the cookbook „Grillen, Heuschrecken & Co.” (in English “Crickets, Grasshoppers & Co.”, available in German), the two authors Christian Bärtsch and Adrian Kessler as well as several experts have compiled all their knowledge about edible insects. At the centre are 50 delicious recipes for everyday life as well as special events. Seven of these recipes were created by top chefs. Cornelius Speinle, Fabian Spiquel, Simon Apothéloz as well as the restaurant Josef, Valentin Diem and Miss Marshall have contributed each a dish. All recipes were tastefully portrayed by Oliver Brachat, a renowned food photographer.

In addition, the authors have compiled all the foundations and interesting facts about cooking with insects. Seven experts contributed with their knowledge. The food historian Dominik Flammer explores which insects were eaten in earlier times and why they have disappeared in the European diet. On the other side, the well-known trend researcher Hanny Rützler investigates the future of entomophagy (eating insects). Restaurant critic and food author Jürgen Dollase describes his experience from his first insect dish. Patrick Zbinden discusses insects in gourmet cuisine, while Paul van Tomme (FAO) takes a close look at the role of insects in the world. Climate-KIC provides information about the sustainability aspects and Prof. Jürg Grunder (ZHAW) about the questions for breeding insects.

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