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Insect Tasting Packages

Insects are delicious, they often taste like nuts, and are very rich in protein. Just give it a try!

Our tasting packages are perfect for beginners and are also a great gift.

Whether as snacks or protein bars – we are delighted that you are willing to join our adventure “edible insects” and wish you a “bon appetit”.

  • Essento Insect Protein Bars Mix

    Insect Protein Bar Mix | Starter (6 Bars)

    CHF 16.90
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  • Locusta (grasshopper), dried

    CHF 12.50
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  • Essento Meahlworm nature

    Tenebrio (Mealworm), dried

    CHF 8.90
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  • Cricket nature

    Acheta (cricket), dried

    CHF 9.90
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  • Insect Nature

    Insects nature | Starter set package

    CHF 29.40
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  • Insects nature with cooking book

    Insects nature | Insect starter set with cookbook (in German)

    CHF 64.10
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  • Insect Snack Mix | 10 Snacks 1 Box

    CHF 34.90
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Good for You

Insects have an very interesting nutrient profile. This makes them an exciting ingredient that should not be missing in a healthy, balanced diet.

Good for the Planet

Edible insects can be farmed with very few ressources. This makes them a particularly sustainable source of protein, which can make an important contribution against climate change.

Swiss Made

Only natural ingredients, handcrafted in our factory in Zurich. Essento products are characterised by the highest quality and best taste.