Essento Insect Snacks

Enjoy it with a fizzy drink or while watching telly on your sofa:

Our protein-rich Essento Insect Snacks always offer you crispy & eco-conscioussnacking moments. Best when shared with friends.

Our delicious insect snacks are available in four different flavours:

  • Acheta (crickets) with spicy Thai seasoning **NEW**
  • Acheta (crickets) with savoury paprika spice mixture
  • Tenebrio (mealworms) with salt & pepper
  • Locusta (locusts/grasshoppers) with selected alpine herbs

Give it a try!

  • Essento Insect 8er Mix

    Insect Snack Mix

    CHF 29.90
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  • Insect Snacks Paprika Big Box

    Insect Snack – Paprika | Big box

    CHF 37.00
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  • Insekten Snacks Salt and Pepper Big Box

    Insect Snack – Salt & Pepper | Big box

    CHF 37.00
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  • Essento Insect Snacks Thai Big box

    Insect Snack – Thai | Big box

    CHF 37.00
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  • Insect Snacks Alpine Herb Big Box

    Insect Snack – Alpine Herbs | Big box

    CHF 42.00
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Good for You

Insects have an very interesting nutrient profile. This makes them an exciting ingredient that should not be missing in a healthy, balanced diet.

Good for the Planet

Edible insects can be farmed with very few ressources. This makes them a particularly sustainable source of protein, which can make an important contribution against climate change.

Swiss Made

Only natural ingredients, handcrafted in our factory in Zurich. Essento products are characterised by the highest quality and best taste.