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Insects for cooking and baking

Insects are delicious, they often taste like nuts, and are very rich in protein.

Our dried natural insects are the ideal ingredient for your culinary experiments. The subtle nutty flavour of insects makes them a very versatile ingredient and they can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes.

Go, give it a try!

Insects on the table - Delicious recipes to try
  • Essento Meahlworm nature

    Tenebrio (Mealworm), dried

    CHF 8.90
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  • Cricket nature

    Acheta (cricket), dried

    CHF 9.90
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  • Locusta (grasshopper), dried

    CHF 12.50
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  • Grillenmehl von Essento

    Cricket flour

    CHF 18.50
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  • Insect Nature

    Insects nature | Starter set package

    CHF 29.40
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  • Essento cooking book

    Insect cookbook (in German)

    CHF 35.90
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  • Insects nature with cooking book

    Insects nature | Insect starter set with cookbook (in German)

    CHF 64.10
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