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Insect Tuesday

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Today is Tuesday. But not any Tuesday, today is World Edible Insect Day und the first Insect Tuesday!

World Edible Insect Day

The 23rd of October is “World Edible Insect Day”, the global day (of action) for edible insects. That day, numerous events and activities with the motto “Taste the Change” are taking place annually. Fans share their enthusiasm for insects.

There are many reasons for eating insects: They offer high-quality protein, many vitamins and essential minerals. They are incredible tasty and are an interesting enrichment in our kitchen. The ecological potential is another reason, why insects as a protein source is inevitable: The water consumption for 1 kg insect meat is 15’500 smaller compared with 1kg beef (cf. Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Fleischatlas 2018).

If you eat insects instead of meat once a week, you can save more than 100’000 litre of water per year.

Insects can be farmed with very little resources and eaten almost completely. Additionally, insects can be fed with side products from other food processes, like wheat bran, draff or carrot greens. So, insects transform food waste that is not edible into edible food, yeah!!!

Eating insects on Insect Tuesday

There are enough reasons for eating insects – but when? You might already eat vegetarian on Meatless Monday and fish on Friday. Well then, how about eating insects on Tuesday?

Let us start together on the World Edible Insect Day and from now on eat insect together every Tuesday.

Why are we doing that?

We at Essento are committed to creating a positive impact for your health and our planet. In Europe, the consumption of insects compared to conventional meat is still low. In Europe, the consumption of insects compared to conventional meat is still low. Through our engagement for the Insect Tuesday , we want to offer a framework to consciously deal with entomophagy.

Why should you participate?

It’s good for you:
Insects are nutritous, well digestable, delicious and give you a good mood.*

It’s good for the future:
We are able to establish insects as a food in Europe thanks to your support. Thereby we can create a better future for ourselves and for future generation.

*It is not (yet) proven scientifically that insects give a good mood. We always have fun when eating insects and we enjoy the great variety of menus, which we can create with insects. 🙂

Let’s enjoy insects together!

What we are doing

We support our community to regularly eat insects on Tuesday. We have asked you and we are listening: For many people it is important that the prices of insects are lower in order to encourage them to eat insects on a more regular basis. After a year of hard work, we are finally able to offer insects at a lower price since 2018 – hooray!

Good-News: Insects finally cheaper!

Moreover, we are in discussion with restaurants and canteens, who are interested in participating on Insect Tuesday. For all the latest news, follow us on Facebook or on Instagram.

What you can do

1. On Tuesdays, enjoy a delicious insect lunch with your colleagues or invite your family and friends to a Locusta skewer in the evening. This gives you the possibility to exchange experiences with insects, share ideas for recipes and enjoy. Our recipes are available here.

2. Talk with the chef of your canteen or your favourite restaurant about Insect Tuesday and ask, whether they want to offer a meal with insects once a week. How about insect balls in a wrap or a Cesar’s salad with Locusta instead of chicken?

3. Spread the word: Share a beautiful insect food picture or post your favourite receipt away on social media with #insecttuesday.

PS. Don’t worry, you are still allowed to eat insects on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and even Sunday 😉

What’s next?

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