We mix, cook and taste to find the best recipes for you. Our innovative delicacies contain only all-natural ingredients that are tasty and nutritious.

Discover our variety of delicious insects!

Essento Insect Snacks

Food-addicts, flexitarians and protein fans can look forward to revolutionary snacking experiences. Our Essento Insect Snacks are a high protein alternative to conventional chips. They taste great with a fizzy drink after work or on your sofa!

For our snacks, we season only the best insects from European breeding with selected spices and herbs.

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Essento Insect Burger

The Essento Insect Burger is based on our Swiss organic Tenebrio (mealworms). We added tasty ingredients like spelt, bulgur, onions, vegetables and well-balanced spices for our simple, nutritious, tasty and sustainable burger.

Available at larger Coop stores.

Essento Protein Bars

Our Essento Protein Bars is a tasty protein snack with all-natural and honest ingredients – no whey and no frills, but with a lot of flavour. Enjoy this snack before, during or after exercising to get your full insect power:

TheAcheta flour (made from crickets) provides you with proteins, vitamins and minerals to achieve mental and physical best performance.

You can expect tropical and fruity tastes from the Essento Protein Bar Berry Coconut and for all our chocolate enthusiasts, we have the Essento Protein Bar Raw Chocolate with extra crunch thanks to the cocoa chips.

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