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Essento Insect Snacks – high protein & good for the planet

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The Snack Revolution is here!

The times of fatty chips with flavour enhancers, poorly digestible and hardly edible sports snacks are over. The snacks of the future are not only high in protein, but also good for our planet.

We are talking about our new insect snacks from Essento. The snacks are a protein-rich alternative to chips or beef jerky and consist of ecofriendly produced insects.

We have developed three delicious varieties for you:

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Snacking without feeling guilty

Thanks to a high protein content, you can enjoy our insect snacks without a guilty conscience. Besides protein, insects also contain vitamins, minerals and fibre. Important nutrients for our body to function well.

Protein content per 100 g
Paprika Acheta (crickets)26.6 g
Salt & Pepper Tenebrio (mealworms)32.5g
Alpine Herbs Locusta (locusts)25.5g

For our snacks we only use insects from European breeding that meet our high standards of sustainability and animal welfare. We refine the insects with upbeat spice mixtures (purely natural ingredients).

Delicious snack moments

Foodies, flexitarians, eco and protein fans can look forward to revolutionary and ecofriendly snack moments. The new Essento Insect snacks are now available in selected Coop stores and in our online shop.

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