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The Swiss Insect Association offers school visits

Since 2017, insect specialities can be sold and consumed in Switzerland: Mealworms, crickets and grasshoppers are on the shelves of our shops.

The Swiss Insect Association wants to introduce children, schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults to insects as part of the whole Swiss food system in an interactive way.

In the form of an interactive lesson, an event for children and young people or a workshop as part of a camp, the Swiss Insect Association would like to explore and discuss the world of edible insects with the young participants. The discussion should be critical, objective and neutral. And of course, the healthy delicacies will also be tasted! Approaches to sustainability and ethical breeding will be discussed. Swiss organic insect farms will be presented and discussed using videos and photos.

For schools:

The Swiss Insect Association offers 45 to 90 minute lessons.

The costs are borne by the association (preparation, communication, implementation), only a contribution towards expenses of 100-180 CHF is required.

The contents are adapted to the respective students and discussed with the teachers in advance.

The aim is to explain and present entomophagy using examples and pictures (breeding, production). The knowledge is conveyed interactively, dynamically (sensory games, quizzes, questions and answers) and of course tastefully!

The offer is made within the framework of curriculum 21:

  • In the subject area nature, man, society, competence area identity, body, health – knowing and caring for oneself. The pupils can recognise and explain the connections between nutrition and well-being (2nd cycle).
  • In the subject area Economy, work, household and competence area Nutrition and health – understand connections and act reflectively (3rd cycle).
    The interactive lesson can be offered in German and in French (or mix DE-FR as a foreign language), as the project leader is bilingual.

Timothée Olivier is an expert in entomophagy and has experience in teaching and organising workshops for children and young people. He is active in cultural education and works for the Museum of Communication in Bern. He has a good sense of contact with children and young people and a strong sense of organisation and adaptation. Interaction, critical thinking and openness are important in his teaching.