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Delicious Protein Power!

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You got up from your bed today? You have taken the stairs to the first floor? Half of your crossword is done?

Congratulations, we are proud of you. Treat yourself with a delicious protein bar and achieve much more. Don’t take any protein bar, but one that…

  • indulges your taste buds.
  • motivates you to achieve maximum mental and physical performance.
  • amazes you with its all-natural ingredients .
  • is packed with sustainable insect proteins
  • that feels yummy to your tummy.

A protein bar, like our new ESSENTO PROTEIN BARS that you can get at Coop and our shop.

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Good for you

We believe that the Essento Protein Bars are the first protein bars, which really taste good! (We have tried so many different bars during our product development…)

Our Berry Coconut Bar lifts your soul to a tropical berry cloud. And our Raw Chocolate Bar tastes like heaven for all anonymous chocoholics. Its secret: cocoa chips – for the extra crunch.

Indulge your taste buds

For our bars we use ground Acheta domesticus (crickets), which provides you with all nine amino acids that support building and regenerating your muscles. In addition, Acheta contains the vitamins A, B and B12 as well as minerals, which push you to achieve maximum mental and physical performance. Pure power food! Enjoy our protein bars before, during or after exercising.

Our promise: all-natural & honest

Our standards for our products are very, very high. “We are what we eat.”

Essento stands for a short list of ingredients with all natural and honest ingredients only. No artificial sweetener or additives, no bulls… Our Essento Protein Bars are hand-made with love by us in Zurich.

We go all-in for a natural protein kick that you can get up from your bed again tomorrow, take all the stairs and maybe even solve the entire crossword.

Treat yourself with a protein kick

This is what other are saying…

free runner, fitness instructor, medical student and Ninja Warrior candidate (in German)

«The protein bars from Essento with cricket flour contain all-natural ingredients, while also tasting really good – this is something you don’t find often in fitness food.”

What about you? What do you think of our bars?

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