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Buying insects

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Entomophagy (eating insects) is a new territory for many Europeans. Apart from cooking with insects at their homes. That’s why we tell you where you can buy insects in food quality, what you need to consider and how you prepare Locusta & Co.

Buying insects – What needs to be considered?

We strongly advise you not to collect insects in nature. They can be contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides. Living insects in an animal store are feed and therefore, they are not appropriate for human consumption. Did you know that mealworms are suitable for breeding at home? David is happy to provide you with more advice if you are interested. You can get in touch with him here!

You can order Tenebrio (mealworms), Locusta (grasshoppers) and Acheta (crickets) freeze-dried in our Shop or frozen from our partner Farmy. Our insects were blanched in order to guarantee food safety.

Freeze-dried means that the insects are frozen, then the ice is transformed into gas through a vacuum. This drying method is very gentle and allows for a long shelf life when stored correctly.

Which insect do you prefer?

Tenebrio (mealworm)Acheta (cricket)Locusta (grasshoppers)
Taste reminds ofHazelnutNuts, PopcornChicken
Edible parts100% – the entire insect is eaten, Nose-to-Tail100% – the entire insect is eaten, Nose-to-Tail95-100% – the hind legs and the wings are removed


For Locusta, it is recommended to remove the large hind legs (due to the barbs). The wings can be roasted or fried together with the rest. If the Locusta are bigger, it might be that the wings stick to your palate, therefore, you can also remove them. The easiest way to remove these parts is when the Locusta are still frozen.

Our tip for no food waste:
Fry the wings with a bit of oil in a frying pan and you get tasty chips. The legs can be dried and processed to flour in a mortar.

Preparing Locusta & Co.

Frozen insectsYou defrost the insects at room temperature for about 30 minutes in a sieve to drain the condensation water. Afterwards, the insects are ready to be processed. sind sie parat zum Weiterverarbeiten.
Freeze-dried insectsYou can season, snack or add them to your meal right from the package. For more juiciness, put the freeze-dried insects into lukewarm water for about 10-15 minutes for rehydration. The insects gain about 2-3 times their weight. Drain the rest of the water. Afterwards you can pan-fry, cook or bake them. You can also ground the freeze-dried insects and add the flour to a spread.

Our recommendation: Instead of putting the insects into water, put them directly into a marinade, like our self-made Teriyaki-Marinade.

What’s next?

Buy your insects to get started!

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